• Digital Minimalism

  • A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Realms of Digital Minimalism from A-Z
  • De: Robert Miller
  • Narrado por: Ben Herold
  • Inglés
  • Duración: 3 horas y 45 mins
  • Versión íntegra Audiolibro

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Resumen del editor

People trapped in the dark side of the digital world are not those in the Third World where digital technology has not yet saturated. It is those in our midst who have been silently swallowed by the invisible dark holes of digital technology. This book is about them. And also about you.

We are all on the digital journey and must remain eternally vigilant of these dark holes - digital addiction and digital consumerism. There are many digital addicts and digital shopaholics suffering in our midst. You may not even know that you are a digital addict or digital shopaholic. However, don't forget that those on the extreme end didn't start there. They started where you are, but found themselves indulging in the wrong course. This book is here to help you avoid the pitfalls that sucked you in.

This book begins by illuminating the dark side of our digital world. It explores the dark power of digital technology that subtly yet stealthily seduces people into becoming its unwitting prey. It digs deeper into dark psychology and how it is employed by the digital merchants to achieve their nefarious objectives.

The book also digests the unpleasant statistics that are often avoided - how much productive time is lost to digital addiction and how much wealth is lost to digital consumerism.

Why digital minimalism? Often, people engage in activities for instant gratification. However, behind this instant gratification lies a high price. Very few people can fathom the darker side of this gratification. And even fewer can fathom the benefits of digital minimalism. This is the main reason that this book unearths not only the many hidden costs of this instant gratification, but also the many benefits of avoiding these costs by practicing digital minimalism.

While most advocates of digital minimalism warn us of the dangers of digital abuse, very few offer long-term practical solutions. The most common prescriptions are geared toward relieving the symptoms rather than healing the problem. The root cause of digital abuse rests in the mind, and it is where the permanent solution can be established. The quick fixes cannot offer a permanent solution. Digital minimalism begins in mind. That is the book's motto.

Transitioning to digital minimalism is not an easy walk in the park. Neither is it a sprint race. It is a marathon. Careful preparation and a strong foundation have to be established. Crafting the right mind-set provides a strong foundation upon which transition is anchored. In this transition process, bad habits have to be identified and killed. Good habits have to be nurtured and practiced. And all these can only be achieved when the right mind-set is in place. The book identifies and explains what it means to have a digital minimalism mind-set.

The biggest loss due to digital addiction is a loss of productivity. Many labor hours are lost due to social media addiction. Many more are lost to digital games. And still, more is lost watching streaming media online. In this book, you will learn not only how to stop this loss of productivity, but also how to use digital technology and its alternatives to boost your level of productivity. 

Finally, digital minimalism is a lifestyle. It is not just a mind-set or a habit - it is a wholesome lifestyle. In this book, you will learn how to make digital minimalism your life-long endeavor. This will ensure that you will continue reaping fruits from your evergreen digital minimalism tree.

Buy the audiobook today to learn to nurture inner peace instead of the turmoil brought on by digital overload.

©2020 Robert Miller (P)2020 Robert Miller

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