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Now, you can experience Marianne Williamson live

“Marianne Williamson is a gifted interpreter of A Course in Miracles and is able to state its principles with simplicity and clarity. She brings love and forgiveness a little closer to home.” (Gerald Jampolsky, MD, author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

Isn’t it true that your life improves as your ability to see it in a positive light increases? But isn’t it true that on same days, you find yourself grumbling about your circumstances, angry at people, or mired in negative thoughts about yourself? Although we all know the tremendous, positive power of love and forgiveness, aren’t they sometimes difficult concepts to fully embrace? 

If you are ready to take the leap, I’d like to show you the way to making a permanent sift in your way of thinking…an attitudinal change that can not only bring you greater peace and happiness but one that can bring those same qualities to your family, your community, and the world. No, it doesn’t mean you’ll never have a negative thought again, but I guarantee that…if you are ready…you can learn to let the transformative powers of love and forgiveness make miracles in your life, every single day. 

In Marianne Williamson Live, you will discover:  

  • Shift…from judgment to love toward yourself and others
  • Shift…from seeing money as scarce and finite, to believing that if you give from your heart, you will receive abundance of the world…and watch infinite resources become available to you! 
  • Shift…from believing you must constantly achieve, to realizing the power of enlightened non-action and watch how surrendering to God leads to happiness and abundance

Capture Marianne Williamson’s powerful insights on:  

  • Success: You have the ability to radiate God’s power within you - a power that won’t go unnoticed. You’re empowered not by what you do, but by why you’re doing it. Work is an overflow of your being - a personal expression of your desire to serve a higher purpose.  
  • Money: Abundance is available to each of us. Money is energy, and energy is infinite in the universe. As we live for God and not for money, money flows through us more easily.
  • Communication: True communication is an open exchange of truth that involves listening, sharing and seeking a sense of oneness with our listener. True self-esteem stems not from a sense of your separate self but from a sense of God’s glory and love within you. Self-esteem comes from knowing you are doing on Earth what He has asked you to do.
  • Relationships: Every relationship is a lesson. Every relationship holds the opportunity for growth, enabling you to create a more peaceful and loving world within and around you.
©1992 Marianne Williamson (P)1992 Nightingale Conant

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