A Hustler's Wife

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Street life may seem glamorous, but when sweet, innocent, well-to-do Yarni falls in with Richmond’s drug kingpin, Des, entirely by accident, she’s about to find out what lies beneath.

A tale of manipulation, greed, betrayal, envy, money, power, and revenge awaits when the spark between Yarni and Des blossoms into love. Leaving friends and family behind, Yarni is left to her own devices when Des is sentenced to life in prison. Being a hustler’s wife isn’t easy when the moneymaker is stuck in jail. As Yarni struggles to survive, will she play the game, or will the game play her?

Nicole Small and Bahni Turpin bring Yarni’s continued battles to life, with Small reading the first book before Turpin took over the narration. Each performer brings a unique twist to Yarni’s story, with sound effects adding to the turmoil and drama. Small’s warm voice and Turpin’s clear tone both bring an extra dimension to Yarni and her inner thoughts.

Author Nikki Turner entered the writing scene with her series debut novel, A Hustler’s Wife. This story earned her the title “Queen of Hip Hop Lit” by Trendsetter Magazine. She chose to write about the dark side of street life, often glamorized in movies and songs, because she wanted to show something beyond the “glitz and the glamor”. Her work has given her the chance to collaborate with rappers like 50 Cent, Dana Dane, and Styles P to release other novels.

A Hustler’s Wife and Forever a Hustler’s Wife earned #1 spots on best seller lists along with recognition from other authors and celebrities in street culture. After reading Turner’s brilliant work Vickie M. Stringer, best selling author of Let That Be the Reason, declared, “Imitators, drop your pens!”.

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