Adrift on a Sea of Stars

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An Ocean of Stars Resumen del editor

This omnibus contains all four books of the Adrift on a Sea of Stars series. Together, they tell the epic saga of the crew of the Beagle, sent to explore our stellar neighborhood. 

In Adrift on a Sea of Stars, Wen the crew wake up from "paused" sleep, they discover that Earth had been silent for decades.  

In Earth Not Forgotten, an expedition is sent to Earth. The crew of the Beagle and their alien benefactors find the unexpected. Before they can report back, the alien Forevership falls victim to betrayal and deceit.  

In The Tarden Agenda, Earth has joined the Republic of Worlds. It's a new beginning. Some think the Tarden have created a utopia. Others question if the overlords are as benevolent as they seem.  

In Republic and Empire, Ducus Iratus rules Earth with an iron fist. He dreams of becoming Emperor of known space. The crew of the Beagle become a kick ball between alien dictators, the ruthless Republic, and two rogue artificial intelligence entities.

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