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A James Bond of the interstellar age, Eisenhorn is a man that’s saved worlds – but he’s also used some questionable methods to do it. For this fearless agent of the Ordo Xenos the game is simple: catch bad guys before the past catches up with him.

In the universe of Warhammer 40,000, Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn finally has an old foe in his sights. Following him to the faraway world of Hubris, Eisenhorn prepares to strike him down when he’s drawn into a plot far more sinister than he ever thought possible. As this series' troubling events unfold, Eisenhorn must battle terrifying monsters, solve unthinkable crimes and hunt down an ancient tome before it falls into the wrong hands. Will this conflicted warrior succeed?

Experience the strong, commanding delivery of Toby Longworth in the first four Eisenhorn books. Previously staring as Lott Dod in Star Wars’ The Phantom Menace, Longworth is a resounding voice actor that effortlessly conveys Eisenhorn’s assertive and dominating presence. For the final three instalments of the series, the celebrated Gareth Armstrong is joined by a variety of narrators. They work in harmony to create dynamic scenes that are set against an eerie soundscape.

Combining crime and science fiction, Dan Abnett first came up with the idea for Eisenhorn after being sent a rulebook for an upcoming Warhammer game. The artwork fascinated the writer. In fact, he was so taken with it he put his other projects on hold to write the first draft of Xenos. He liked the idea that gamers could digest his Eisenhorn works and have their own say in the Inquisitor’s fate when gaming. 

Abnett has written over 25 books for the Black Library, which publishes Warhammer-inspired fiction. Some of his most popular works include Gaunt’s Ghosts, Darkblade and the Eisenhorn series, as well as the best-selling novels Border Princes and Horus Rising. With rumours of an Eisenhorn TV series in the works, fans can fill the wait by listening to the action-packed adventures of Eisenhorn in a lively audio format.

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  • Libro 1

    Diseño de la portada del título Xenos
    • Xenos

    • Eisenhorn: Warhammer 40,000, Book 1
    • De: Dan Abnett
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  • Libro 2

    Diseño de la portada del título Malleus
    • Malleus

    • Eisenhorn: Warhammer 40,000, Book 2
    • De: Dan Abnett
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  • Libro 3

    Diseño de la portada del título Hereticus
    • Hereticus

    • Eisenhorn: Warhammer 40,000, Book 3
    • De: Dan Abnett
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  • Libro 4

    • Eisenhorn: Warhammer 40,000 Book 4
    • De: Dan Abnett
    • Narrado por: Toby Longworth
    • Inglés
    • Duración: 20 horas y 4 mins
    • Fecha de lanzamiento: 05-03-18
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  • Diseño de la portada del título Thorn and Talon
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