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Under the Black Ensign Resumen del editor

Long before Captain Jack Sparrow raised hell with the Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Bristol sailed to hell and back Under the Black Ensign. That’s where the real adventure begins. 

Bristol’s had plenty of bad luck in his life. Press-ganged into serving aboard a British vessel, he’s served under the threat of the cruel captain’s lash on his back. Then, freed from his servitude by pirates, his good fortune immediately takes a bad turn...as the pirates accuse him of murder - and leave him to die on a deserted island. Now all he has left are a few drops of water, a gun, and just enough bullets to put himself out of his misery. 

But Bristol’s luck is about to change. Finding himself in the unexpected company of a fiery woman and a crafty crew, he unsheathes his sword, raises a pirate flag of his own, and sets off to make love and war on the open seas. 

Experience the crack of a whip, the clash of swords, and the roar of the ocean as the audio version of Under the Black Ensign delivers high adventure on the high seas. 

“The ever-present soundtrack is never distracting and...lends a richness to the imagined picture.” (AudioFile)

* A National Indie Excellence Award Winner    

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