Hush, Hush

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In Coldwater, Maine, Nora Grey has been living life as an ordinary high school sophomore. But with the entrance of the mysterious senior Patch Cipriano into her life, things are about to turn extraordinary—and get a lot more dangerous. 

Nora is forced to sit next to Patch in biology, a class the older boy has failed several times. Although his behavior is at times off-putting, Nora can’t help but be drawn to him. Strange things keep happening to Nora, making her think she’s losing her mind—until she discovers that Patch is a fallen angel sent to protect her. But from what? After a terrifying and almost deadly encounter, it seems that Patch is in her life for good—for better or for worse. As the series progresses, more secrets unfold—about what really happened on the night Nora’s father vanished and about Patch’s prior life. Simmering with suspense and romantic tension, Hush, Hush keeps listeners focused on the ultimate question: Can true love survive the seemingly insurmountable divide between Earth and the realm of immortals?

Caitlin Greer is an actress and voice-over artist best known for her work as the narrator of the Hush, Hush novels, giving a voice to Nora that makes her seem not only real—a typical adolescent—but also totally believable. Her smooth delivery is full of the emotion present in every heart-pounding scene of each story. In the third novel, Silence, Greer is joined by Holter Graham, whose astounding performance brings the character of Patch, a guardian angel who’s far from angelic, to life.

Becca Fitzpatrick came up with the idea for Hush, Hush, the series debut and her first novel, while taking a writing class a few years after completing college. Though her degree was in community health, Fitzpatrick fell in love with storytelling and shifted to a career as an author. Before setting her sights on writing, Fitzpatrick worked at a high school in Utah, giving her the basis for her story’s setting.

Publisher’s Weekly praises Hush, Hush as “fast-paced, exhilarating… fans of paranormal romance should be rapt.” All four books in the Hush, Hush series made the New York Times best seller list.

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