John Wells

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Deep-cover CIA operative John Wells takes on terrorism in this series of gripping and realistic thrillers, written by a former reporter who covered the Iraq occupation.

John Wells is the only CIA agent to have infiltrated al Qaeda before 9/11. The experience changed him: he became a Muslim and has come to see the United States differently. But he hates al Qaeda all the more for the way it uses Islam to justify its murderous attacks on innocent people. Now semi-retired, Wells remains in demand by leaders from Saudi Arabian King Abdullah to top-level CIA insiders. His undercover missions take him to the world’s hotspots - from Kabul, Afghanistan to Somalia to Syria - and into the heat of explosive political intrigue. Author Alex Berenson has listeners hanging onto the edge of every word in this smartly written, frighteningly plausible series of international thrillers.

Master narrator George Guidall draws listeners into the dark and dangerous world of John Wells. The Audie Award-winning performer maintains a steady pulse of intrigue while keeping up with each thriller’s rapid twists and turns. Guidall’s facility with international accents and atmospheric details make the chilling plots all the more believable. To quote a glowing AudioFile review: “Guidall has perfect-pitch timing and pacing for this type of thriller. He imbues the characters with distinctive voices by adding powerful unwritten features such as a gravelly undertone or a tone of coarse indifference.”

A former reporter for The New York Times, Alex Berenson drew on his experience covering the US-led invasion of Iraq to write his debut novel of suspense, The Faithful Spy. Grounded in real-world politics, successive volumes in the John Wells series reach beyond today’s headlines to foretell terrors yet to come. Berenson is also the author of nonfiction works, including The Prince of Beers, the story behind the shocking downfall of Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV and the mysterious death of his girlfriend, and Tell Your Children, an eye-opening report on cannabis-linked psychosis and violence.

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