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Set in LA, these mysteries follow the indomitable Molly Blume, a true-crime writer with a nose for the truth.

Mulholland Drive is rocked on a quiet night when an unidentified woman in a nightgown is the victim of a hit-and-run accident, resulting in serious injury. Meanwhile, true-crime writer Molly Blume can’t shake the image of the young woman stumbling alone in the dark. When she visits the dying woman in intensive care, Lenore Saunders manages to whisper three names before passing: Robbie, Max, and Nina. Without much to go on, Molly dives into investigating her suspicions of something deeper surrounding the accident.

Though nobody wants to answer Molly’s questions, she begins to uncover an unsettled life, so different from her own, anchored in her deep Orthodox Jewish faith. Will Molly be able to put the pieces together as the danger grows? Join Molly Blume as she delves into mystery after thrilling mystery and sets out to solve the murders of ordinary, overlooked people in star-obsessed LA.

Deanna Hurst becomes hard-hitting snoop Molly Blume in her narration of Molly’s adventures. With each audiobook, you’re pulled deeper into not only the mystery, but also the analytical mind of a true-crime enthusiast with an unshakable belief in the power of good to prevail over evil and in everyone’s right to justice.

Rochelle Krich is an award-winning author of mysteries and thrillers. Her debut novel, Blues in the Night, won her praise from prolific mystery writer Carolyn Hart as, “[O]ne of America’s finest suspense novelists”. Her depiction of Molly draws on her own upbringing in a loving Orthodox Jewish family.

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