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Preparing for baby Resumen del editor

Do you want to prepare mentally for the time with your baby after birth to feel even more love, confidence and anticipation? Simultaneously use the time to relax and slow down to prepare your mind for the time with your newborn. Nurturing the mind with supportive thought patterns can ease the transition to parenthood and impact you positively even in challenging times. This meditation audiobook can be the anchor for your mind and manifest beneficial attitudes in your mindset to let you and your baby thrive. The content focuses on love and aims at making you feel more confident and increasing your anticipation for having your baby.

Different versions of the meditation according to your liking with or without music, in different lengths and with sleep and wake ending are contained. It also includes a version with pregnancy affirmations to listen to anywhere and a focused breathing meditation to train your mind.

This meditation audiobook will:

  • Provide brief background information about the inner attitudes and mental techniques that can be beneficial for your thought patterns for the first weeks and months with your baby
  • Shift your mindset towards a feeling of confidence, love and looking forward to spending time with your baby even more
  • Let you choose from different meditation versions which are suitable no matter if you have little time or never meditated before
  • Make it easy and fun for you to start or deepen your meditation practice in preparation for your baby.

Now relax and enjoy preparing your mind for your newborn by listening to the audiobook.

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