Son of Fire

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He’s no angel, but he’s got everything she needs.

He was minding his own business on Earth when a beautiful sorceress summoned him to defend a backwater village from demonic raiders. He’s lost his gun, his family, and even his name, but it’s not the first fight he’s been in, and it won’t be the last.

The sorceress isn’t happy - she expected an ancient goddess of war. Instead, she got some random guy who’s halfway decent with a sword. But there’s more to him than good looks and a big stick, and if he can harness this new world’s magic, the town of Foulwater might just be glad he stuck around.

First, though, he’ll have to get a busty elf buccaneer to sober up, sail through monster-infested waters, kick a bunch of lava monsters in the face, and plunder the submerged basement of a demon king. It’s a race against time before the raiders return to burn down the village, and their deadliest enemy might already be inside the walls.

Disclaimer: Raider Annihilation is a steamy isekai harem adventure like no other. Our hero isn't shy and neither are the women of Caranja. There is sex, swearing, smoking, drug use, and goat-milk beer. Enter a spicy new world from Aaron Crash, the best-selling author of the American Dragon series and The Princesses of the Ironbound.

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