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When kidnappers dump their hostage’s body in the Rio Grande, grief-stricken border agent Dominic de Leon promises to bring justice to those beyond the reach of the law.

"Kill them all."

The dying wish of a man who has lost everything he held dear. The words are spoken to Dominic de Leon, a border patrol agent who is no stranger to death. 

Dom’s life has been ugly. From his father’s belt to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, he has been a victim and the instrument of violence. Now, he will visit it upon the people who have taken his brother from him.

An insurgency is raging on the border, but outside of the law, Dom will have to be an army of one, waging a war for revenge at night and fighting a battle for fatherhood in the day.

The odds are stacked against, but Dom has never been one to worry about danger. His word is what matters most to him, and his word says that he will kill them all.

Praise for the book:

“Vincent Vargas finds the perfect amalgamation between the Army Rangers and US Border patrol!” (The NY Times Editor Sandy Wilson)

"Vince's writing is raw and powerful..." (Jocko Willink, The New York Times best-selling author)

"Geraint Jones’s work is powerful and poignant.” (The Times magazine)

“Raw and brilliant.” (Tom Marcus, former MI-5 agent and international best-selling author)

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