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Mad Powers Resumen del editor

Rob Chandler, regaining consciousness, realizes he's somehow been involved in a horrendous car accident. In pain and unable to move, he has no memory of his identity, or how the hell he'd gotten on that deserted desert road in the middle of nowhere. He has little time to contemplate his situation when he sees an 18-wheeler barreling down on him. The truck swerves, crashes, and plows into Chandler's already decimated car. Then, as if his luck couldn't get any worse, he watches a 30,000-volt high-power line drop from a telephone pole into his mangled car, hanging suspended mere inches from his head. Still alive, Chandler is changed by something at a molecular level.

Past enemies converge in a small desert town in Arizona, with one singular objective in mind...to kill Rob Chandler. What they didn't expect was coming up against Rob's new, strange, mad powers. From small-town America to high-society of Baden-Baden, Germany, join Rob Chandler in this high-tension, paranormal thriller that doesn’t let up until the very last minute.

Mad Powers is a full-length novel. Originally a short novella called Tapped In, this newly integrated, three-part story kicks off what's sure to evolve into another best-selling series.

©2014 Mark Wayne McGinnis (P)2014 Mark Wayne McGinnis
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