The Everything Series

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Blending suspense and mystery with romance, the Everything series is about love, lies, and the secrets families keep.

Sous chef Aimee Tierney had the perfect recipe for happiness: marry her childhood sweetheart and take over her parents’ restaurant. But when her fiancé, James Donato, goes missing in a boating accident, Aimee is walking down the aisle at a funeral instead of a wedding. Looking into James’s disappearance only turns up more questions. Aimee starts to wonder about everything they built together, while a truth simmers just below the surface that could change everything - for better or for worse. Full of twists and turns, the Everything series follows a story of love and mystery from different angles and perspectives.

With three different narrators to match the three main characters, Everything captures the story of the entwined lives with ease. Narrators Amy Landon, Timothy Andrés Pabon, and Andrew Eiden guide you through the fight for happiness and truth.

Everything We Keep was author Kerry Lonsdale’s debut novel and a breakout best seller. Its two follow-ups, Everything We Left Behind and Everything We Give, helped jump-start her career as a romance author and establish her reputation for writing family drama with a touch of mystery and emotionally charged domestic suspense. Lonsdale is also the author of two standalone novels, All the Breaking Waves and Last Summer.

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