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With his own internal demons already causing him enough problems, former Marine officer Logan West is drawn into a shadowy battle for his life and the future of the US conflicts in the Middle East.

After battling and killing a professional mercenary sent to capture him, Logan answers the dead man’s phone, only to be drawn into a far deeper conflict than he was imagining. Rescuing his estranged wife, helping his former platoon sergeant, and racing the clock to track down an unknown organization trying to draw the US into a major conflict with Iran are all on Logan’s plate.

George Newburn brings each thrilling, heat-of-the-moment fight scene to full life, while the high-stakes tactical maneuvers and complex, fully realized characters are clear-as-day to every listener. Newburn’s unique performance brings this impossible-to-pause series to a new level. Wherever you listen to The Logan West Thrillers, it will feel like the battlefield of Logan’s life. Listen to each newly thrilling tale with just as much excitement as the first installment.

Former Marine officer Matthew Betley uses his own military experience - he spent ten years as a Marine officer, and was trained as a scout sniper platoon commander, an infantry officer, and a ground intelligence officer - to introduce fearless soldier Logan West. The first book in the series, Overwatch, is Betley’s debut novel, and it’s easy to tell that he’s pulling from real-world experience to build the drama and tension. The authenticity of Logan’s inner struggles and demons come from Betley’s own experience with alcoholism and his work to recover into sobriety.

Of the Logan West Thrillers, Overwatch was named a Top Ten Book of 2016 by the Military Times. Oath of Honor and Field of Valor, books two and three, have received critical acclaim, while Rules of War was picked as the Dana Perino Book Club Selection for Fox Nation.

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