The Nations

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Western adventure meets mystery in this series narrated by its author, Ken Farmer.

In the late 1880s, “The Nations”, aka “Robber’s Roost” and “No-Man’s Land”, was regarded as the bloodiest and most dangerous place in the world. Policing this territory is the job of Marshal Bass Reeves, the first black US deputy marshal west of the Mississippi. His posse includes the Lighthorsemen, a force of tribal police. Marshal Reeves and the Indians band together to confront rustlers, outlaws, and other bad guys.

Ken Farmer’s western adventure series is rich with cowboy wit and wisdom, fast-paced action, danger, and historical characters, including Judge Isaac Parker, the “Hanging Judge” who famously declared, “If they will not respect the law, then by God, we will make them fear it.” Donning the cowboy hat of narrator, series author Ken Farmer captures the raucousness and danger, from the sounds of hard drinking to the pain of medical treatment without anesthesia to the terrorizing force of gangs of outlaws. His performance brings a sense of wry humor and adventure to it all.

The series debut novel, The Nations, won the Laramie Award for Classic Western.

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