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Our modern-day hero SAS Captain "Bulletproof Pete" and East End gangster Vinnie find themselves in Los Angeles and discover the shocking truth about the alien agenda. His waking visions continue - ancient battles by the Nile and a family in ancient Rome. 

Lucia and Count Cassian - vampires since the dawn of civilization finally meet the ancient hero contained in the book of prophecy: "Bullet Proof Pete" aka Caius. Together, they battle the aliens in a cruel guerilla war, but Peter soon finds himself torn between his wife Jennifer and the magnetic and sexy Lucia. But why is she familiar - is this the woman in his visions? At last, they discover critical information about the aliens and their monstrous ships as a counteroffensive begins, but then, Lucia tells Peter that Jennifer has been taken. But where is she and what is the connection between Jennifer and Lucia

Meanwhile, on the alien mothership, a secret conspiracy is uncovered, and something diabolical is released to Earth. Our hero has a waking dream of a dark cave with something terrible inside and is gripped by terror. He now realizes that there are forces of darkness and light at work on both sides of the conflict. 

Can he fight his own battles and become the warrior everyone expects him to be? 

The US president stands alone, and all seems lost. But then, our hero turns up with important new information and physic Lucia informs them of a shocking revelation that changes everything. In a frantic race against time, former enemies - both human and vampire - must become friends. 

But, can humankind learn to set aside their petty conflicts and unite in a common cause? 

Issues of race, religion, and class are now irrelevant in a fight against a common and vicious enemy determined to conquer earth and enslave its people. One human - and his supernatural sword - holds the key: Caius.

©2019 Richard Mann (P)2019 Richard Mann
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