A Vampyre Romance Series

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For over 300 years, Sebastián Fernández has meandered through his immortal life, taking blood as and when he needed to. To kill a human being is forbidden by the Vampyre Council - the sentence for disobedience swift and final. 

One day, while admiring a small silver cross inside an antique store, he meets its proprietor, Adriel Zilkha. There is something about her that draws him in. Adriel is no ordinary human female and embodies gifts she cannot explain. 

Shocked, Sebastián knows law demands he inform the Vampyre Council of his discovery. The price for treachery is to die by sunlight. Loathe to sentence the beautiful and mysterious Adriel to certain death, he calls on his old friend and sire, Sienna, for help. 

Could Adriel be the one his kind have been searching for?

©2019 Zane Michaelson (P)2019 Zane Michaelson
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