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The End of the World Is Nigh Resumen del editor

Everyone’s heard of Nostradamus. No one’s heard of Philibert Montmorency. One was a legend. The other, not so much....

A newly discovered Nostradamus prophecy has taken the internet by storm thanks to "The Oblivion Doctrine", a group of online conspiracy theorists. Apparently the end is nigh. And in case anyone’s interested, nigh is definitely a Tuesday.

Doctor Ally Oldfield, professor of Medieval Languages, is summoned to Lyon for a second opinion. She’s not happy about it. But then again she’s rarely happy about anything. She’s got a coffee deficiency, a low tolerance towards almost everybody, and nothing good to say about Nostradamus whatsoever. And in her expert opinion, although the prophecy is over 500 years old, it’s definitely not by Nostradamus. So if he didn't write it, who did?

Helped by Gabriel Janvier, the second-worst "prepper" of all time, and Mr. Palomer, a mysterious old philanthropist, Oldfield must scour history to discover the truth before the prophecy comes true or the Oblivion Doctrine’s fake news destroys civilization anyway.

In the search for truth, only history can save the future.

The End of the World Is Nigh is the first book in the Dr. Ally Oldfield series.

If you love books about con men, conspiracies, Renaissance history, massive agitated boar, exploding beds, marmalade, and historical satire then this is the book for you. Okay, you've never listened to a book like that's your chance, get into the laughter today!

From the author of How to Survive the Afterlife series.

©2019 Tony Moyle (P)2019 Tony Moyle
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