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The Apex Trilogy Box Set Resumen del editor

The Apex Trilogy box set includes three books: Dead Mech, The Americans, and Metal and Ash. The three books feature a post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden landscape with military and mechanical action and loads of adventure. 

Dead Mech: In a post-apocalyptic far future, there is only one thing that can save the fragile civilizations humanity has cobbled together: the mechs. A ragtag crew of mech pilots must battle the undead hordes, cannibal tribes, and religious cults in a daily race to keep humanity safe. But now, a threat worse than anything has surfaced and is growing stronger. The undead have reanimated in their own battle machines and created the rise of the dead mechs! Dead Mech is a zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic, military sci-fi and mechanical action and adventure novel like no other!

The Americans: The exciting sequel to Dead Mech is a hell-ride through Europe, Asia, and beyond as American ghost Heather Walton must save her family, her friends, and an all important cargo. The world has survived the North American zombie apocalypse, but Americans struggle to maintain their place in a world where the powers that be no longer want them. And will stop at nothing to put an end to their standing and their very existence!

Metal and Ash: Will 50-foot battle mechs be enough against hundreds of thousands of techno-zombies ready to wipe everything living off the scorched map that is the wasteland?

Alliances are formed and broken, mech pilots are made and murdered, secrets are revealed, agendas destroyed, and thousands of bodies fall and rise again.

What began in the wasteland of Dead Mech continued alongside in Europe and Asia in The Americans and then, has its epic conclusion in Metal and Ash!

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