Chronomancer and the Time God

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Chronomancer and the Time God Resumen del editor

“Evil times haunted Zarethea.” So, the bard’s tale begins....  

Over a millennium since the God Wars ended, the world of Zarethea remains a battle ground. Though the gods no longer walk the land, their discordant theocracies continue the war the deities once started.   

The Chronomancer, a mysterious sorcerer of unknown origin, threatens to plunge the world into a state of chaos and bloodshed by reviving Rael, the dark god of time. Aleister, a young sorcerer from the magical kingdom of Mystas, finds himself tasked with preventing Rael’s return and saving the war-torn world. To succeed, he must lead three rival priests of warring theocracies on a mission to reach the mythical city of Cockaigne.   

Along the way, he must somehow prevent the kleptomaniac priest of freedom from robbing the party blind, restore the confidence of the fallen paladin of order, and help the peaceful priestess of neutrality discover her inner strength. Yet, it is inside Cockaigne, the mysterious paradise of eternal youth and joy, where Aleister’s true test awaits. For beneath its seemingly peaceful facade dwells a divine evil which even Aleister’s powers may not be enough to stop.

©2019 James J Meadows III (P)2020 James J Meadows III
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