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Lone Star Hearts: The Complete Series Resumen del editor

Found in Beaumont, Lost in Dallas, Secret in Houston, Home in Austin

Four Books.... One Complete Volume! 

Two broken omegas and one hard-edged alpha...three men who are stronger than they think...especially when they trust each other enough to be vulnerable. 

Lukas and Gideon are fully aware the streets are not kind to two omegas in love, but they have faith this won't be their life forever. One day, they'll find an alpha to love them both. Beaumont can't escape his memories of war, but can he find a new mission in guarding these two angels from the dangerous of the world? And together, can they find love and healing? 

Tropes for Found in Beaumont: MMM triad, menage, hurt comfort 

Kyle isn't a victim...he's a survivor who needs to learn his worth. 

Gym owner Dallas has had a crush on his tall, thick omega employee since day one, but until Kyle's abusive relationship crashes to pieces, he doesn't dare make a move. Kyle's happiness and health - emotional, mental, and physical - is more important to him than a sexy roll in the hay, however, and he builds a fitness challenge for Kyle, addressing all three issues in one. But when desire takes them unawares and Kyle becomes pregnant, the physical changes threaten to tear Kyle's fragile confidence apart. Can Dallas convince him he's loveable, regardless of his waist size? 

Tropes for Lost in Dallas: employee/boss relationship, big, beautiful omega, overcoming domestic abuse 

Secrets always come out in the end. 

Snarky omega Houston never expected to have a passionate fling with his brother's best friend, but who can resist a man in uniform? He truly didn't expect to end up pregnant with his baby. Before he has a chance to tell him, Cody's helicopter is shot down and he's held captive by insurgents for a year. And when he gets back...he has no memory of dating his best friend's sexy little brother. How can Houston tell anyone that he's the father of his child when no one, not even Cody, knew they were involved? But when the child falls desperately ill, only Cody can save him, and buried secrets must be brought to light. 

Tropes for Secret in Houston: secret baby, military romance, best friend's brother 

Take one pregnant omega who’s all alone in the world.... 

Alone and pregnant, Owen can barely feed himself, let alone pay for basic prenatal care. But if there's one thing he learned growing up in foster care, it's that you can't count on anyone else. So how can he trust Austin when the alpha offers him a deal he can't refuse: get married, and I'll take care of you until the baby is born. No strings attached. There's nothing in it for Austin! With no other choice, Owen accepts, but he's determined to keep his guard up. It's hard, though, when his fake husband turns out to be an awesome dad and doesn't seem in any hurry to let him go. But can he risk falling in love with him, or is it all a mirage? 

Tropes for Home in Austin: strangers to friends to lovers, fake relationship, slow burn 

This series contains darker themes than you might be used to from Susi Hawke, but HEAs and all the laughs, naughty-knotty times, and shmoopy feels that you'd expect are definitely included! No new material has been added. This bundle contains all four full-length books in one handy volume.

©2018, 2019, 2020 Susi Hawke (P)2020 Susi Hawke
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    Diseño de la portada del título Lone Star Hearts: The Complete Series
    • Lone Star Hearts: The Complete Series

    • De: Susi Hawke
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  • Libro 1

    Diseño de la portada del título Found in Beaumont
    • Found in Beaumont

    • Lone Star Brothers Series, Book 1
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    Diseño de la portada del título Lost in Dallas
    • Lost in Dallas

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    Diseño de la portada del título Secret in Houston
    • Secret in Houston

    • Lone Star Brothers, Book 3
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    Diseño de la portada del título Home in Austin
    • Home in Austin

    • Lone Star Brothers, Book 4
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