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Romance, magic, mystery, murder - it’s all in a day’s work for Lucy Valentine, reluctant heir to her family’s Boston-based matchmaking business.

Cupid’s arrow leaves a mark and, according to family legend, Lucy Valentine should be able to read it in the auras of the people around her, just like the rest of her relatives. The problem: after a freak accident, Lucy was left with only a strange gift for finding lost objects. So when she has to temporarily take over her family’s matchmaking business, Valentine, Inc., she’s prepared for things to go horribly wrong. What she doesn’t expect is for her talent to lead her to a missing wedding ring on a dead body. Maybe the sexy private eye that lives upstairs can help her solve the perfect crime? As Lucy’s winning streak for finding things continues throughout the series, she has even more opportunities to pull her handsome neighbor, Sean, into the fray. Does this spell love for Lucy?

Join Dina Pearlman on a dive into the hectic swirl of romance and mystery that is the life of Lucy Valentine. Each of her character-unique voices brings a different part of the story to life. Her lighthearted humor guides listeners through the thrilling and romantic plots with a clear and easily understood delivery.

Before creating Lucy’s story, author Heather Webber published another mystery series along with writing novels and short stories in other genres, from historical romance to general fiction. Many of her early novels featured both mystery and romance, making it an easy choice to combine the two for Lucy Valentine. She credits her inspiration for weaving paranormal elements into her mystery-romances to some of her old favorite TV shows: Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Quincy, M.E.

Booklist calls Truly, Madly, the first installment of Lucy Valentine, “[An] unbelievably zany but truly irresistible mix of clever romance and a wildly inventive mystery”, while Fresh Fiction raves: “A fascinating tale of murder and romance blended with a bit of paranormal creates a delightful novel”.

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