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Aries Jones Resumen del editor

Aries Jones is a soldier who is still trying to recover from his losses after returning from fighting in the war for freedom in Afghanistan. 

The nightmares came every night. They were mostly of the same thing: me watching my friends blow up from an IUD, and the face of the girl I’d seen holding the device, change to my wife, Faith, as she was run over by a small sports car. 

I woke up and either turned on music or waited for the signs that Faith left me. Feather’s, a favorite song of ours. 

If my old high school buddy hadn’t tracked me down and asked me to work on some construction projects for him, I would have given up and buried myself in a bottle. 

Then I met, Brenna Faith Douglas. There was something about her mischievous smile and husky voice that made me feel as if I was cheating on my wife. But Faith was dead, and Brenna, was very much alive. 

I worked hard to support my little sister and me after my mother abandoned us and took off with the bikers who she’d always kept around. She’d done me a favor when she left. I no longer had to lock myself up in the bedroom with my sissy and hope they wouldn’t break the door down to get to us. 

I had a good job, and I made enough there to keep us fed. Then I learned that the restaurant I worked at may have to close its doors, and my hours would be cut. 

Then I met Aries Jones. He was the contractor who would be doing the renovations. 

There was something about that man’s eyes that haunted me, but he made me feel safe – safer than I’d ever felt before.  

Aries Jones is the third book in The Never Forget Series. This book is the perfect story for you if you’re a fan of Staci Stallings, and this story is similar to her book, A Work In Progress.

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