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Nightmare Crouton Resumen del editor

The events of September 11, 2001 changed the course of history. When the smoke cleared and the American people realized the scale of the threat facing their country, they demanded action. The government, forced to reconcile for their failings, had an answer. America needed an organization that could protect its citizens from violent actors and prevent future massacres; an organization that was nimble, quiet, and deadly. The Central Intelligence and Defense Force was born. For 20 years, everyone slept soundly knowing that the skilled agents of the CIDF were deployed around the globe.

Suddenly, in the spring of 2023, the charismatic leader of a network of environmental extremists orders his followers to launch a bloody campaign. The series of devastating attacks in Seattle shakes the public's faith in the CIDF. Following these failures, a private security firm known as Red Star decides to take on the extremists. They recruit Liam Kromer, a decorated soldier and disgraced law enforcement officer, to help hunt down those responsible for the carnage. When Liam goes undercover for his new employer, he learns that the recent attacks are part of a larger plan. His mysterious foes have a bold vision for the future, and they’ve spent decades preparing for war.

©2016 Todd Hallbauer (P)2019 Todd Hallbauer
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