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Olympus Academy: The Titan's Treasure Resumen del editor

Titans have powers that even Zeus, Lord of the Olympians, is scared of. And apparently, I’m a Titan. 

When I finally meet my mom for the first time ever, she tells me that I’m descended from the almighty Oceanus, drags me under the sea, and dumps me at Olympus Academy to learn to use my powers. And boy, did she forget to tell me a few things!

It turns out that other than the gorgeous and mysterious Icarus, I’m the only Titan at the academy. Everyone else is an Olympian. And unless we can convince Zeus we’re not dangerous, he’ll throw us out. And the one thing mom did tell me was that if I ever go home to the mortal world, demons will seek out me and my family and kill us. So, getting kicked out of school is not an option.  

Even though I seem to have barely any power at all, my professor believes I can find a legendary box hidden somewhere in the academy that holds the key to finding my lost ancestor. Only a Titan can find the box, and if I give it to Zeus, we’ll be allowed to stay. 

The trouble is, I’ll have to work with Icarus to find it, and he is impossibly moody and unhelpful. Plus, I can’t think straight every time I get a glimpse of those piercing green eyes. Added to that, the other students are doing their best to make my life hell because I’m a Titan. It’s not going to be easy to find that box. Then, there’s the fact that even if I do find it, I’m not allowed to open it.

Olympus Academy: The Titan’s Treasure is an adventure romance suitable for all ages, perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Expect action, mythology, magic, gorgeous guys with wings, mermaid shifters, sunken treasure, and a heroine who doesn't take no for an answer!

©2019 Eliza Raine (P)2019 Eliza Raine
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