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Thrax Resumen del editor

Warning: This romance is considered extra sexy and is only suitable for adults due the high number of adult scenes that are included from the outset.

He's sexy. He's a dragon. And he is out of this world!



Dragon Knight Sir Thrax was one of the finest males on the planet of Lacerta.

In fact, he was perfect.

So perfect that demand to be his mate was so high that entering into a lottery was the only way to decide which lucky woman would bear his babies.

That lucky woman was Agena Morrow.

However, Agena was set to get more than she bargained for.

Especially when it became apparent that while Thrax was happy to participate in the act of making a baby, he had no true intention of ever producing one....

Thrax is book one from the Planet of Dragons series. Each book features a new handsome dragon's quest to find his perfect mate on a planet far, far away. If you love steamy dragon romance, hot adventures, and fiery thrills, then you will love this!

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