The Adventures of Jason Lex

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The Rampart Guards Resumen del editor

Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2016

Short-listed for Grand Prize, Eric Hoffer Awards

Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist

A family legacy mired in mystery. A plot to unleash madness. Can Jason survive a barrage of life-threatening battles and save humanity? 

Fourteen-year-old Jason Lex would like nothing more than to play basketball and hang with his friends. But when his mother disappears, leaving behind blood-soaked belongings, his world turns upside down. After being dragged to a boring town by his father, Jason’s forced fresh start instead finds him afraid he’s losing it after he’s ambushed by bizarre flying creatures.

Thrust into a world once sequestered to the darkest corners of the internet, he teams up with a new friend who has family secrets of her own. Jason’s also stunned to learn mythological entities like Skyfish, Kappa, and the Mongolian Death Worm are real and live unseen alongside the human race. An invisible shield keeps these cryptids hidden and protects people from their threatening power. But shadowy forces are intent on the destruction of the shield - and all of humanity.

Jason may be the key to ending their deadly designs. Can he stop an onslaught of cryptid horrors before he and those he loves are incinerated?

Confronted with loss, heartbreak, and a devastating betrayal, Jason combats the sinister faction but must make a gut-wrenching decision:

Who lives, and who dies?

Chronicle one: The Rampart Guards

Chronicle two - Jason: The League of Governors

Chronicle two - Sadie: The Clan Calling

Chronicle three (book four): The Forge of Bonds 

©2015 Wendy Terrien (P)2016 Wendy Terrien
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  • Libro 1

    Diseño de la portada del título The Rampart Guards
    • The Rampart Guards

    • Chronicle One in the Adventures of Jason Lex
    • De: Wendy Terrien
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  • Libro 2

    Diseño de la portada del título The League of Governors
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  • Libro 3

    Diseño de la portada del título The Clan Calling
    • The Clan Calling

    • The Adventures of Jason Lex, Chronicle 2
    • De: Wendy Terrien
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  • Libro 4

    Diseño de la portada del título The Forge of Bonds
    • The Forge of Bonds

    • The Adventures of Jason Lex, Book 3
    • De: Wendy Terrien
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