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Bound by a Dragon Resumen del editor

How brave must you be to love a dragon?

Keira loves her rustic village life, but she doesn't love the man her overbearing mother expects her to marry. But that is of little consequence to her neighbors, especially as two newcomers have stirred up excitement in the village.

The first new arrival is Aaron Drake, handsome and charming, and intent on pursuing Keira, which stirs up trouble with her mother and soon-to-be-betrothed.

As for the other new arrival, who wants a fire-breathing dragon living in their backyard?

But both Aaron and the dragon have secrets they would prefer to remain hidden from the villagers. As events begin to escalate, the truth will drastically alter Keira's life in ways she could never have imagined, setting her on a completely new path.

Bound by a Dragon is the first book in The Dragon Archives, a clean, paranormal fantasy that will take you on an epic journey through medieval castles and lairs. Awarded the Indie Brag Award, it will keep you engrossed to the very last chapter.

©2014 Linda K. Hopkins (P)2020 Linda K. Hopkins
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