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Drats, Foiled Again! Resumen del editor

Robert Gilbrinkle is blind in one eye, which makes dodging punches in his Anti-Hero Maneuvers class especially difficult, but his lack of depth perception is the least of his troubles. Nox Academy's senior project deadline is fast approaching, he's failing three classes, and, naturally, his evil twin Rupert keeps trying to kill him every chance he gets. But the real trouble begins when Robert's pathetic superpower - a very unwicked superwink that fixes anything broken - starts to evolve.

The kids at Nox used to laugh and call him "Rob Repairman" but nobody is laughing now. His wink threatens anyone who threatens him. Robert has always known where he stands - on the other side of the hall from Rupert. What haunts him the most is the revelation that maybe he and Rupert aren't as different as he thought. Battling a common enemy brings them closer than either twin can handle, but the lives of their friends are at stake and the thirst for revenge is strong. Maybe even stronger than their disdain for each other. With the playful cartoonish style and broad crossover appeal of Disney's Sky High, and the coming of age heroic drama of Matthew Cody's Powerless, Robert's story will resonate with kids from eight to 14 who love to escape to that comic book world of good vs. evil and often wonder where in the midst of that universe they fit in.

©2018 Katrina Lenay Lantz (P)2019 Katrina Lenay Lantz
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