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A blinding flash … then darkness. Bria Ford and her three closest friends are stranded on a country highway in the middle of a November night. No phones. No car. No lights. Helpless and hundreds of miles from home, they put their lives in the hands of handsome Jonah Page and his flinty sister, East, strangers who somehow know Bria better than she knows herself. As the group bonds to adapt to a new, yet old, way of life, the secrets of Bria’s past provide them with the means to survive the extremes of Mother Nature, and the even more frightening extremes of human nature. Quietly suspenseful, The Light explores how the stories we tell ourselves shape the person we present to the world, and what happens to that person when the world falls away.

©2016 Jacqueline Brown (P)2018 Jacqueline Brown
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  • Libro 1

    Diseño de la portada del título The Light
    • The Light

    • Who Do You Become When the World Falls Away? (Volume 1)
    • De: Jacqueline Brown
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  • Libro 2

    Diseño de la portada del título Through the Ashes
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  • Libro 3

    Diseño de la portada del título From the Shadows
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    Diseño de la portada del título Into the Embers
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  • Libro 5

    Diseño de la portada del título Out of the Darkness
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