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The Second Wave Resumen del editor

He thought the danger was past, but it was only the beginning....

Two years ago, the Makanza virus was eradicated from the public. Now, everyone thinks they’re safe - including Davin. As the oldest among his siblings, Davin plans to leave for college after a short visit with his divorced father on the Cheyenne River Reservation.

But then the Makanza sirens go off, and everything changes.

The warning alarm splits the soft April skies over the vast South Dakota prairie. Against all odds, the virus has returned, and the outbreak is only a few miles from his father’s ramshackle home.

Davin can only watch, helpless, as his family succumbs to the virus, and when coughs rattle his chest, he fears death is inevitable.

But a different fate awaits Davin. As his body fights the virus, it isn’t dying. It’s becoming something different. Something that will leave him with strange new powers...and make him a hunted man.

The Second Wave is the first installment in a complete series where fantastical powers collide with modern science. Dive into this imaginative and romantic series today!

©2018 Krista Street (P)2019 Krista Street
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