The Unwanteds Quests

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Ten years ago, twins Alex and Aaron Stowe brought peace to the lands of Quill and Artimé. Now it’s time for their young twin sisters to begin a journey of their own.

Fifer and Thisbe Stowe have a natural gift for magic with the unfortunate tendency to spiral out of control—to the point of accidentally slaying a beloved creature in Artimé’s jungles. Their big brother Alex, now head mage, threatens to lock them up until they can control their power. But when the dragon Hux appears bearing news that his siblings have been enslaved by Revinir, the ruler of dragon land who bears an evil reputation, Thisbe and Fifer jump at the chance to redeem themselves. Travelling with their friend Seth, will they be mighty enough to face danger head-on?

In this exciting sequel series to The Unwanteds, the fantasy land of Artimé comes alive again through the voice of narrator Fiona Hardingham. Hear old favorites from The Unwanteds series reimagined with Hardingham’s inventive narration. It’s easy for young listeners to get lost within the evocative world, experiencing the vibrancy of the characters and locations.

Inspired by the success of The Unwanteds, her middle-grade dystopian fantasy debut, Lisa McMann moved to expand her universe. Her works of fiction also include the Wake trilogy, a fantasy series for teens, and two stand-alone young adult thrillers, Cryer’s Cross and Dead to You. The premise of the original series, with its persecution of artistic children, was inspired by the budget cuts in the arts programs for her own children.

Winning the Mark Twain Award in 2014 and both a New York Times and USA Today best seller, The Unwanteds Quests is a series sure to keep kids listening.

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