Travis McGee

21 títulos en la serie
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Robert Petkoff brings Travis McGee to life, the complete classic series! 

John D. MacDonald’s Florida beach-bum “salvage consultant”, Travis McGee, may live on The Busted Flush, a houseboat he won in a poker game, but this fictional character has also influenced Stephen King and Lee Child. 

The vivid detail - pun intended, since each title contains a color - of the McGee series set the bar for procedural detectives who take jobs at the margins of polite society, but who catch glimpses of a larger Justice, too. John D. MacDonald appeals to listeners who enjoy Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled mysteries and/or Michael Connelly’s Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch police procedurals. 

Robert Petkoff narrates the complete series, a consistent voice hand-picked by the John D. MacDonald estate. We’ve heard from Audible listeners that Robert Petkoff “becomes” Travis McGee for them over the course of the 21 novels in this series. Dive in with the first book, The Deep Blue Good-By, or feel free to choose a color that appeals to you; there’s no bad place to start! 

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